Meet Minku aka Africa’s Hermès

Meet Minku aka Africa’s Hermès

Founded in 2011 by Kunmi Otitoju, Minku is a high-end Afrocentric accessories brand that blends African fabric with contemporary Spanish leather. Minku specializes in luxury bags, wallets and other fashion accessories for men and women. In addition to the Brand’s ingenuity of lining of high-quality leather with African fabric, we are also impressed by their philosophy of:  i) Handmade, ii) Cultured (80% of Minku bag interiors are lined with Aso-oke and Damask fabric) and iii) Personalized design over mass production. Below are some of their products we fell in love with. If you like what you see, check out their contact details below

Bonus – In addition to worldwide shipping, Paypal and Bitcoin are accepted.


Price: $300 – $1k +
Website: Minku
Facebook: @minkudesign
Twitter: @MinkuDesign 
Instagram: minku

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