Chic African Handbags by Alain Niava

Chic African Handbags by Alain Niava

We felt like kids in a candy store as we went through Alain Niava’s handbag collection.  It all started when we came across one of his handbags on a shopping board, enamored by the craftsmanship, we knew we needed to find out more about the designer.   Before going through Niava’s collection,  we knew that whoever the designer was, he/she had a knack for details, an eye for patterns and great instincts for contemporary African design.  Needless to say, we were not disappointed.  Niava’s collection are so impressive, we had difficulty deciding which  bags to feature.  For those not familiar with his work (yes, there are a few of us out there), Niava is a top Ivorian designer based in Abidjan (Cote D’Ivoire/Ivory Coast).  An international icon in his own right, it has been reported that Niava describes himself as “a dresser of first ladies,” we couldn’t have described him better. We found Niava to be very responsive to inquires (nothing beats great customer service).  His handbags are marketed under “Alleen’s,”  if you like what you see,  check out details below.

Price: $60 – $100
Brand: Alleen’s
Tel: +(225) 21-25-10-75 / +(225) 22- 00-10-95
Mobile: +(225) 07-08-36-30
Fax: +(225) 21-25-97-31
Website: Alain Niava
Facebook:  Alain Niava Facebook

Bonus: They are on WatsApp!

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