Stylish African Clutch by Urbanknit

Stylish African Clutch by Urbanknit

Designed by Urbanknit, these clutches encapsulate everything we love in a handbag.  Stylish, funky and bold, these clutches are for those that are ok with deviating from the crowd, not for attention, but simply as a result of owning their style.  We love these creative work of art by Urbanknit and how accessible they are.  You can find these beauties on Urbanknit’s website and also on Etsy.  If you like what you see, check out their details below.

Bonus – Some items are currently on Sale!



Price: $43 – $128
Brand: Urbanknit
Tel: +44 7909 968054
Website: Urbanknit
Facebook:  @UrbanknitAccessories

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